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When the grandchild snores like its granddad

Grandchildren know from experience that their father and grandfather both snore, especially the latter, and they certainly understand that it’s a normal part of ageing. The fact that they themselves may also snore and experience a number of interruptions in their breathing during the night is something they probably won’t know.


Mediterranean diet: No hype - but genuinely the most successful preventive diet

The great killers of our time are diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. All are associated with obesity and all are subject to a common functional disorder - a systemic, low-grade inflammation! This imperceptible inflammation paves the way over years for a variety of disorders of the body that will eventually lead to these diseases.


A glass of wine is just fine

In terms of nutritional medicine, there is probably no other topic, aside from the "meat question”, which is argued about as fiercely as the health implications of alcohol consumption. In higher amounts, it acts undoubtedly as a poison, contains a potential for addiction and is responsible for much grief and suffering in the world. But as Paracelsus already knew, it is always a question of dosage level when decided whether something is poisonous or not.


Healthier slimming - milk is the key!

It is no wonder that slimming topics are emblazoned across the covers of magazines every week with more and more citizens accumulating more and more fat in their body cells. Losing weight is the order of the day - but how? At first it is easy - any diet which helps people to consume less energy than they burn off is successful. Over time it becomes more difficult, since as the body mass decreases, fewer calories are needed as a dwindling body mass consumes fewer energy: The basal metabolic rate falls. And it falls even greater than predicted by the reduction in body mass. Apparently, the body "turns down the flame" in order to make survival more likely in the case of a food shortage.



Losing weight – but the right way

The world is becoming chubbier. At the same time, a diabetes tsunami is rolling across the globe. In the latest edition of Nature Endocrinology, Thomas Yates from the Diabetes Research Centre at the University of Leicester (UK) compares this development in diabetes with the Spanish flu, which between 1918 and 1920 was caused by an unusually virulent variant of the influenza virus and led to dozens of millions of deaths. However, in contrast to this viral disease, type 2 diabetes is home-made. It is in our hands to escape this fate, which is no bed of roses.


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