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What makes fruits and vegetables so valuable?

That vegetables and fruits are "healthy" is a fact known to every child, but why this is so, no one really knows. The usual suspects are the many vitamins and minerals. But it is possible that a lot more is involved.


Low-fat diets are seldom the best choice

Eating in a fat-conscious way has been seen for decades as an essential measure in avoiding obesity or shedding excess pounds. With the help of industry, more and more reduced fat and low-fat foods have become available. But while the proportion of fat has continued to decrease for decades and the percentage of carbohydrate intake has increased, the daily calorie intake has not reduced at all in line with expectations but has actually risen or remained at least at the same level. At the same time, increasing inactivity and associated low levels of energy expenditure have done nothing to prevent the development of obesity.


Daily chili-hot keeps you fit

Asian cuisine is booming in Germany. And a little chili almost always comes with it because it gives the dishes that popular spicy hot touch. In the meantime increasing numbers of nutritional physiologists are becoming interested in this substance, or rather in the substance that makes chili hot: capsaicin. The more there is of this secondary plant substance, the hotter the chili pepper.


Sedentary lifestyle leeds to early death

In 2015 a permanent sedimentary lifestyle has become the normal state of things. The majority of us sit most of the time at work and then usually relax afterwards either sitting or lying down. Conveniently, it is also possible today to order your ready-cooked evening meal by internet or telephone, so that you only have to stand up to open the door.


"Fattening foods" for physical and mental fitness

We were warned about them for a very long time: fattening foods! And they are unhealthy into the bargain! Too much fat too many calories! It is a good idea to keep well away from these types of food. In many guides to "healthy eating", chocolate and nuts are on the prohibited list. In the case of chocolate it was not only the large amount of fat, but also the fact that its type was oh-so-unhealthy as cocoa butter is added to the cocoa mass from cocoa beans and cocoa butter consists predominantly of saturated fats, which were decried as representing a heart attack risk.


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