Psychosocial factors

Distress promotes dementia-related mortality

Older people who are exposed to negative psychological stress exhibit a significantly higher probability of dying from dementia. This was demonstrated by a Norwegian study of more than 31,000 men aged between 60 and 80 years who were followed over an average period of more than eleven years. The results remained significant even after parameters such as general health status, smoking, obesity or diabetes were included in the assessment.


Marriage makes you fat

Married couples are more likely to develop obesity. This was demonstrated by an American study of more than 3,889 men aged between 45 and 65 years, who were assessed over a 25-year period. The risk of becoming obese increased almost twofold if the marriage partner became fatter during the course of the marriage.


Less dementia with more education

With increasing levels of education, the risk of developing dementia is reduced. This is the result of the Framingham Heart Study involving 5,205 volunteers, who were monitored from the age of 60 in four periods of five years.


Poor sleep is no bed of roses

As the results from the "Nurses Health Study" and "Nurses' Health Study II" illustrate, women who sleep badly have a significantly higher probability of developing type 2 diabetes. To achieve this end, more than 100,000 women were studied over a ten-year period. Those who had trouble falling asleep, enjoyed less than six hours of sleep a night or experienced disturbed sleep demonstrated a fourfold increase in the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.


Wear a lot of damage with high heels

According to a British review, women are endangering their health when they spend their life walking on high heels. The various studies showed close relationships between wearing high heels and musculoskeletal pain. These women also frequently suffered from bunions.


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