Children and adolescents

Obesity before pregnancy harms the newborn baby

Women who have an increased BMI before pregnancy will affect the weight and the risk of inflammation of their newborn babies in a negative way. An Australian study has demonstrated that these babies not only have a higher birth weight but also a stronger skin-fold thickness and a higher concentration of inflammatory markers in cord blood.


More health education in schools

As an American review article of 15 studies illustrates, intervention programmes in schools have a positive effect on the obesity of children. Programmes that last between six and twelve months and include elements such as more fruit consumption and physical activity improve weight status in these school children and thereby serve towards the prevention of obesity.


Poor sleep, poor psyche

Sleep problems in children have a negative effect on their emotional stability and mood. This is shown by scientists from Helsinki in their study of more than 1,700 children between four and twelve years of age. Emotional problems were again associated with behavioural disorders and hyperactivity.


Metabolic syndrome even in children: Mediterranean diet and exercise provide protection

A new cross-sectional study from southern Italy delivers the alarming result that a large number of 6 to 14-year-old children have already developed a metabolic syndrome! This index for increased abdominal fat deposition and uncontrolled sugar and fat metabolic disorders predicts a significantly increased risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer over the next few years. In addition to physical activity, it is evident that protection is also provided by a vegetable and fruit-rich Mediterranean diet.


Let children join in with the cooking

Positive effects are produced, according to an American cross-sectional study of adolescents and their parents or stepparents, when adolescents take part in the preparation of meals. The adolescents involved demonstrated a significantly better dietary quality and better eating patterns.


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