Children and adolescents

No multimedia before bedtime

As an English meta-analysis of 20 studies shows, the quality of sleep decreases significantly in children and adolescents if mobile devices such as cell phones or smartphones are available before bedtime. Whether the mobile devices are actively used or are just next to the bed does not seem to matter. The consequences, in children and adolescents aged between six and 19 years of age, are less sleep and poorer sleep, as well as frequent daytime fatigue.


More exercise - less body fat

A US study on 658 children from the fifth, sixth and/or seventh grade demonstrates again that physical activity has beneficial effects on body composition. Girls and boys who engaged in moderate to more vigorous physical activity had a significantly lower fat mass index, body fat percentage and BMI.


Obese children frequently snore and already suffer from sleep apnoea

A review of the status of scientific research by two pediatricians from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (USA) draws attention to the alarmingly widespread development in childhood of asthma, respiratory disorders and even sleep apnoea syndrome, with its dangerous sleep interruptions.


Sleep apnoea promotes hypertension in children

A study from the University of Verona (Italy) demonstrates that sleep-disordered breathing in children is associated with a stiffening of the aorta and, as a consequence, an increased risk of hypertension in childhood.


The risk of obesity increases during puberty!

As a British long-term observational study shows, the basal metabolic rate decreases in adolescents during puberty, despite rapid growth. Physical activity also decreases between seven and 16 years old and this occurs regardless of body composition. This genetically-anchored austerity programme was intended to promote the development of sexual maturity under evolutionary or natural living conditions - in today's living conditions, however, it has become a risk factor in the development of obesity.


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