Bookworms live longer

If you read a chapter a day of a book you will live longer. This is shown by an American cohort study involving 3,635 participants. Daily book reading extends your life by 23 months, regardless of factors such as education or income. The prolongation of life is significantly greater however when books are read rather than magazines and newspapers.


Sauna for a longer life

Men who regularly sweat in the sauna reduce their risk of acute cardiac death, fatal coronary heart disease, fatal cardiovascular disease and their all-cause mortality. This has been shown by a Finnish cohort study of 2,315 middle-aged men. The more often they visited the sauna every week and the longer the sauna sessions lasted, the clearer were the results.


A daily glass against heart failure

A long-term study of 14,629 middle-aged women and men has shown that the daily consumption of one alcoholic drink reduces the risk of heart failure. Even when compared with those who have always been abstinent or who were formerly alcoholics, daily moderate alcohol consumption is associated with a lower likelihood of developing a weak heart.


Less back pain with a healthy lifestyle

Women who occasionally experience pain in their lower back can counteract the development of permanent back problems by pursuing a healthy lifestyle. This was shown by a four-year cohort study carried out in Sweden. Smoking, alcohol consumption, leisure-time physical activity and the consumption of fruit and vegetables reduces the probability of developing chronic low back pain by 52%. However, just one of these factors reduces the risk by 35%.


Seven hours of sleep is best

Those who get a healthy seven hours sleep a day have the lowest risk of developing cardiovascular disease. This is shown by an American study in which 7,690 men and women aged 40 to 79 were examined. However, the risk increases not only if people have too little sleep, but also if they sleep too much.


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