Lifestyle Telegram: Scientific Findings on Lifestyle

Prof. Dr. Nicolai Worm, München

In the last few years we have seen a rise in diseases which were rare in the 1950s and 1960s. This is not caused by our genes – these have been very stable for hundreds of years - but by a change to our lifestyle. In our professional and private lives we take much less exercise, and our diet has also changed. Additionally, modern life has become faster - and more stressful as a result. If we wrote a letter to a business associate a few years ago, we only received a reply 3-4 days later at the earliest – today an answer to an e-mail is expected within a few hours. In contrast, the evening is frequently spent in front of the television because after a hard day we are no longer able to take any exercise. Even the shortest distances are covered by car.

These negative changes to our lifestyle are the cause of the modern-day scourges: overweight, high blood pressure, lipid metabolism disorders, type II diabetes (adult onset diabetes). These in turn form the basis for disastrous events such as heart attacks, stroke, blindness or kidney failure. The solution to these problems is seen in high-performance medicine and increasing numbers of new groups of drugs. These procedures and therapies are certainly very important and helpful, but people could do much, much more for themselves with just a little more personal responsibility in order to maintain or recover their health.

But what are the effects of television, alcohol or coffee, diet and sport on our organism? What is the truth of the health effects of a Mediterranean diet? What is known about vitamins and dietary supplements? There are a large number of studies on these questions which are published in a wide range of scientific journals. It is almost impossible to maintain an overview of these and remain up-to-date at all times. Unfortunately none of the large number of newsletters available devotes itself to the topic of lifestyle – there is simply no lobby for a healthy lifestyle!

This is why the goal of this "Lifestyle Telegram" is to collate the latest high-quality publications on the theme of lifestyle and make them available to interested parties, in particular politicians, opinion leaders and journalists. The Lifestyle Telegram can be subscribed to free of charge and appears monthly by e-mail. The constantly changing archive of the website offers you the possibility of retrieving the peer-reviewed publications on various aspects of lifestyle. In this way our users continuously have a deep insight into the latest international research into the relevant topics.